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I live in CA. Is there anyplace in the U.S. that ships organic lard?

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Replies to This Discussion has rendered organic lard. It freezes well. Available in 5 lb. blocks.
Shipping prices are a bit pricey, but not the worst.
Thank you so much!
I just started putting out feelers for Lard at the farmers market here in Fresno. See what shakes loose...
A couple of years ago I purchased leaf lard from Flying Pigs Farm in NY. They are a small operation, using heritage pigs, and take care to keep any pig which has required an antibiotic for something, out of butchering, until the antibiotic can be cleared from its system. The pigs are raised on plenty of land and well care for, without routine antibiotics or hormones. I don't remember the price, but they were easy to do business with, and I think I'll try them again. When I purchased the lard it hadn't been rendered, but if you're looking for rendered lard, you might see if they are now selling it already rendered. Good luck, AJ (Their website:

hey yo! i was bummed that this forum didn't have solid leads and info, so i did extensive research, and quite possibly found all the mail order sources in the country.  i took tedious notes, so here you go! 

enjoy, aloha!

Okay I have 5 OFFICIAL good lard sources!  This list includes EVERY lead I found, and the info I got from them, so you don’t waste your, or their precious time.  Note: I made all of these phone calls in the last 10 days of December 2011, so you can assume they are current prices for beginning of January 2011.  Here goes:



Just so you know, “leaf” lard is the lard from around the guts.  Its finer texture, finer flavor, finer consistency, and makes finer gourmet baked goods.  If you find lard is not “leaf” lard, it means its leaf AND fat from the rest of the pig.  (which I like just fine!)


Cups and pounds, quarts and gallons, its all confusing.  The consensus I have gotten is that 1 gallon of lard is between 7.2 and 7.5lbs. so 1 quart is about a little over 1.75lbs


Here is my summary of the following info:

Bobolink, millers, Miami food club, R family farm, mother lindas, Jericho settlers farm, boulettes larder, and west wind farms all will lead you to a dead end.  They either don’t ship(mostly the case), don’t respond (after multiple calls and emails) (bobolink and millers/Miami food club) or they don’t have enough to sell a substantial amount (boulettes in SFO)


Good sources and their info for comparison:

Many hands organic farm ORGANIC: $20/quart (11.43/lb)

Prairie pride ALL NATURAL: $10.44/lb

Fiedler Family Farms (forgot to ask if all natural, but i know its not organic): $2.00/lb reg. lard, $5.00/lb leaf lard

Sweet Briar farms ALL NATURAL: $5.00/lb leaf

Flying Pigs Farm ALL NATURAL: $12.00/lb rendered (they have unrendered for sale too)

Hudson Valley Foie Gras: Duck fat $25.00/gallon (don’t know how many lbs in a gallon, I think 4?) CONVENTIONAL, NOT ORGANIC, BUT GREAT AFFORDABLE SOURCE IN THE US. 

Purity farms ORGANIC GHEE: $58.00/gallon (have to order direct from them at purity  also in stores in 13oz containers, if you bought bulk in these small jars a gallon would run you anywhere from 85.00 to 147.00, so order direct. 




Bobolink(llc) Dairy
369 Stamets Road
Milford, NJ 08848 USA

 No price for lard

emailed twice, no response




Call us at (507) 245-3117 or
Toll-Free at (866) 245-PORK

4 lbs (they say its 5 cups) 41.75 (comes out to 10.44/lb) according to their website

she said look at website, it explains how they raise their pigs

raised on site

farrow every 6 weeks/ 2 months, buchers 10-20 at a time Berkshire (high fat pigs) no antibiotics hormones, they grow their own corn and crops for feeding the pigs.  not certified but do everything close to organic, sustainable farming practices.  Keep pigs inside, summertime outside all time, free range.  Not on pasture in winter.  Flash freeze.  Lard is rendered, leaf lard, 4lb pail, or 2lb pail. thinks 6 cups in 4lb pail.  Vitamin and mineral mix.  Just about out of lard right now, but about to butcher soon.  sells at farmers market, and online. Hogs are real fat.  I mentioned its very hard to find good lard sources, she replied that it Has to do with lard inspection, must have every batch checked, usda is a headache, she convinced an inspector to be willing to do the inspections so she can sell.  Took 6 months to get inspection station set up and certified for her to sell legally.  Ship ups, does not want to ship usps. 



Jim Fiedler

14056 East state road

rome, Indiana 47574

812 719 0540

812 836 4348

lard $2/lb comes in 4lb container or 30lb container

leaf lard $5/lb comes in 4lb

5$ packaging

usps shipping, he thinks his containers are too big to fit in flat rate box.  He said 6 inches wide, 9 inches tall, round plastic container.

Forgot to ask if those prices are for rendered or unrendered. 

not organic

all outdoor pigs

buy local grain, mostly corn.  Thinks it could be gmo, doesn’t know.  Barbara Kingsolver and Wendell barry buy lard from him (he said) available year round.  Don’t remember if he said they are all natural or not.  Oops. 



541 683 7447

541 915 7447

Eugene, or

leaf lard $5.00/lb

Keith cooper

Said website is not up to date, doesn’t know how to change price on website, had college students design it and can’t access source code, call for price. (website says 2.49/lb)

very busy, call again if they don’t call back.  Real nice people.  Not free range- due to climate.  (I understand this because I lived near Eugene for 6 years) He said due to weather, if they are free range they keep getting stuck in deep deep mud in winter and can’t get out- its rainy coastal Oregon country.  So pigs have large maintained outdoor fenced pen, and large indoor covered pen. NOT certified organic, but They MAKE THEIR OWN FEED! SOY FREE! They are truly all natural.  No growth hormones, no antibiotics, nothing synthetic. Yaaaayyyyy- feed is organic corn, wheat, barley, and dried peas.  They add natural trace minerals, and when the pigs are young (he said up to 80lbs) they give them probiotic supplements too.  Has rendered and unrendered leaf lard, pint, quart, and half gallon sizes, quantity available fluctuates but pretty much has it for sale year round, just not necessarily 5 gallons on demand like I was asking for.  Usually ships UPS, but willing to ship USPS flat rate package.  Said 1 gallon weighs 7.5 lbs and costs $37.50.  ships in insulated Styrofoam box, inside cardboard box.  Most affordable all natural lard source that does mail order. 




shushan, ny

518 854 3844

$4.00 lb UN RENDERED









Many Hands Organic Farm • 411 Sheldon Road • Barre, Massachusetts, 01005 • (978) 355-2853 •

Absolute best lead found so far.  They are certified organic, have it in stock year round.  Raise their pigs on site, and also buy pigs from neighbors farm, both certified organic.  All are pasture raised, half pasture half wooded acreage.  They are fed organic whey from neighbors cows, and supplemented with natures best organic creamer grain, which is soy, corn, and mineral based.  20 dollars per quart for rendered lard, no discount for large quantities purchased.  Shipped in insulated boxes, handling is $5.00.  she weighed 4 quarts out, came to a tad over 7lbs.  so I guess 1 quart weighs 1.75 lbs, so this comes out to $11.43 per pound of rendered lard.  She said USPS priority to Hawaii would be 29.05, not too bad.  4 quarts does not fit in large flat rate box.  (would be $15.00 to Hawaii if it did)



815 519 4341




Lard                              $1.50/lb





Appears might be a lead, but no phone number or more info.  Maybe she used to sell, maybe she will again?  I guess she started this lard lovers forum for people to figure it out on their own



Mark Fasching,

 22 Barber Farm Road, Jericho VT  05465.

 (802) 899-4000.

Don’t ship, and not rendered.



They get pork lard and beef suet, and reserve it for people if they ask for it.  Not organic, but all natural no hormones no antibiotics.  Hawaii location said it would take a few weeks to save me up enough to have more than a gallon.  Didn’t know price but said it would be cheap- $1-$2 per lb.  recommended I call any grocer locally to get lard, render it myself. 



lard purchased from millers family farm in PA.

no price

Miami Local Club Coordinator: (305) 677-2735

Lef message, no response



Restaurant in SFO

$6 for ½ pint


1 Ferry Building Marketplace
San Francisco, CA 94111

Phone (415) 399-1155

Fax (415) 399-1177

Retail restaurant expensive and only has small quantities at a time.  Does not even have 1 gallon.  $6.00 for ½ pint, didn’t ask if they ship or if that’s to buy in the restaurant. 



West Wind Farms LLC
155 Shekinah Way
Deer Lodge, Tennessee 37726
Monday through Saturday, 9 am --- 9 pm Eastern
(these are our office hours, not the farm's hours)
Customer Service:  (423) 442-9768

Don’t ship because such large demand, cannot fill orders




Sells through Miami Club only?

Never called back

717 556 0672



Hudson Valley Foie Gras

80 Brooks Road

Ferndale, NY 12734

Phone 845 292 2500

Fax 845 292 3009


$25.00 gallon

raise the ducks on site.  Not organic, not all natural.  Feed is corn based.  Great price.  Has in 2lb tubs and 1 gallon size.  2lbs is $12.00, 1 gallon is $25.00.  I forgot to ask how many lbs are in 1 gallon.   charcuterie company sells duck products, as well as duck fat.  They order it from Canada and make it on site.  Normally ships fed ex, and usually about 30 dollars for shipping and handling.  Willing to ship USPS flat rate. 

On another note: when searching for animal fats online

Chicken fat is called “schmaltz”

Beef fat is called tallow, as well as other animal/game fats, and when rendered its called suet

There is a UK brand, named atora,

Atora is also the name for shredded suet

Beware, most commercially available lard, suet, atora, etc IS HYDROGENATED,

Try to get duck fat, goose fat, ghee (also sold called “clarified butter”, or just plain butter. 

Ghee brands:

“ancient organics”,

“purity farms”, sells in natural food stores nationwide, but you can mail order directly from them 1 gallon at 58.00 a gallon (about half the price instead of buying 10 of their 13oz jars in stores).  Inconvenient for them to ship USPS because they live 2 hrs from town, happily ships fedex/ups. 

“pure Indian foods”

And of course if you are into lard and if you don’t know yet, learn about the Weston price foundation.  (I don’t work for them, im just an obsessive fan)

Oh my goodness!!! You are awesome!!!! Thank you so much for all this work, and for sharing the fruit of your labors! I would never have had the time to do all this myself. This is almost like a Christmas present, as I'd pretty much given up on being able to buy organic lard. :-)



thats why i did it :) 

you know, after posting this yesterday, i actually found a bunch more sources.  i had mixed emotions- i was stoked that there are more sources, but bummed that now i have more homework to do to make a more complete list.  the other sources are listed on, and other parts of this lard lovers forum.  the main other lead on this forum i found was prather ranch (california).. then i talked to my boyfriend this morning about finding their source (he is from santa cruz and grew up organic farming, selling at farmers markets, and trading his family's goods for goods from other farms) and he said they ROCK.  he traded for meat from them every week.  good luck! 

marjorie- thanks for putting up your ad!  i wanted to say:

after doing all the phone/internet research, i was extremely pleased with MHOF more than any other source i contacted.  Though I didn't end up buying any, (i got a pig shortly after I made all the calls and ended up rendering my own), I decided If I were to buy any in the future, I would get it from you.  thanks for posting the ad :) 



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