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Either as a consumer or a farmer, do you know of a source in the United States that is either open to locals or willing to ship? Please provide a description of the source and contact info here.

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We were doing group orders from Good Earth Farms. and they are USDA Organic. We only ordered their pork products. Okay, maybe a few chickens too. But the bulk of our orders were for pork and lard. At one point I asked them what they fed their pigs and I was told that nearly one third of their diet was corn and soy.

This has implications to our health when we use it as a staple. I've stopped using the pork products every day and probably will not order from them again. Which is sad really, because the products are clean and organic.

Soy and corn in pig diet = No No

I'm looking for sources again and so far have come up empty except for two leads I have yet to follow up on. I understand they feed corn, but no soy. It's a step. I'll post when I find out.

I get lard from an Amish farmer in Lancaster County, PA. Many of the Amish farms who also sell real milk have farm stores with other products including lard and bacon and sausages. If they are members of C.A.R.E. their cows can only be grass fed, and any other animals must be fed organic feed only. You can ask if they feed soy.

In New York State, there's Flying Pigs Farm, They also have wonderful liverwurst and bacon and lots of other pork products. They do mail order.

In NJ, Bobolink Dairy has unrendered pork fat when they have slaughtered a pig. You can get on their email list to find out when they have meat. Their cheese is awesome and the bread is unbeleivable.
i live in California, where the word lard is a dirty word..we only talk about "greens". anyway my family is from Scotland and made "suet " dumplings. A steamed pudding. I assume suet is lard and the only place I could find it was in England. ATORA is shredded suet and you can get it online. A friend sent me some. I have looked over the box and can't find what animal?? it is made from. apparently it is somehow sanitized or pasturized so one doesn't get mad cow or mad pig??

On another post someone mentioned Flying Pigs Farm in NY State. WE had to live in the East a few years back and became familiar with them. They are the nicest people. they sell online and I'm sure you could work with them to get lard. This small natural breeding/farming looks for anyway to make extra and use every part of their pigs. The farm is also a fun place to visit.

Let me know if anyone knows anything more about ATORA.

Vanessa: Can you explain more about the problem with soy? Thanks --- Dorothy

check out the film Genetic roulette, it opened my eyes to GMO has rendered organic lard. It freezes well. Available in 5 lb. blocks.
Shipping prices are a bit pricey, but not the worst.
Organic in everyway and free range...just not "certified"
This was like 2 to 2.50 a # if I remember correctly. You might check again on the price and mention if it is still that price etc. Organic by everyway....just not "certified".
They are in Indiana but at that price maybe it might be okay to have it mailed out here for it might still be...cheaper than butter. Sally Fallon says if you cant afford the "good" organic cultured or pastuered butter that Lard one needs to get for the nutrients. Lard is VERY high in Vit. D.

What do you think?
Below is what Jim wrote me several months ago.
Cyndi B. Oregon

Our Large Black Pigs are running around in the pasture and what few buildings that they can go in are open for them to leave. We have some hutches and A-frames available for them to hopefully birth in. They get no antibiotics or hormones or vitamin D shots. Not tails clipped or baby teeth removed. The boars have tusks. We are certified humane. In other words they are happy pigs. Our land is organic although not yet certified. We do feed them a pig mix from our local grain mill and it contains corn for which we do not control the source so I can not say they are fed only non sprayed food. And we can not afford to buy organic feed which is not locally available and too expensive in order to keep our prices reasonable. Please come and visit us and you can see the pigs and decide for yourself.

We can ship lard either UPS or US postal service. Lard is about the only thing we ship because good lard is nearly impossible to buy locally in many parts of this country. We try to sell our meat otherwise within 100 miles of our farm. is the contact info. on the lard in Indiana
Cyndi B. Oregon

Jim Fiedler

Fiedler Family Farms

14056 East State Road 66

Rome, IN 47574

(812) 836-4348 Delete Comment
I'm looking for organic lard in the Northwest.
I live in Portland, Or and I'm just starting the soap making process.
Thanks for any leads,

There is a place just outside of Eugene, OR called Sweet Briar Farms which sells leaf lard, and then you do your own rendering.  They prefer to sell in bulk, though.  Their web site has a phone number (I think the guys name was Keith) and if you only want to order 10 pounds or less you could call and ask if that's possible.  The shipping can be prohibitive, although you are already in the NW part of the country so it shouldn't be too bad.

or do a web search of their farm.

I live in northern Illinois and purchase lard at the Woodstock Farmers' Market from the R Family Farm vendor -- it's sold in 3-4 lb. buckets.   I just checked their website and they are no longer labeling themselves as organic but I do know that they do not use pesticides and fertilizers on their farm, so even though they grow some of their own feed, maybe they are unable to get all the organic feed that they need or maybe they found it too expensive to be certified.  Besides getting quality lard (and other farm products) I am always very happy to buy local.

Their web site:





Yes, I am now able to get it locally, as well.  The lady we buy our raw milk from also raises a few pigs now, and we purchased a milkfed/pasture fed pig this spring so I asked for the leaf lard.  We just ordered another pig just a week ago so I will be making more rendered lard soon.  We love the cracklin's and our dog loves it when we drop a few.



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